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AUR20516 – Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology

Course Summary:

This qualification is intended to prepare the new and existing employees who are performing servicing and maintenance of vehicles in an automotive service or repair business.

Career Outcomes:

  • Automotive Serviceperson



Class Delivery



Part time

Full time

Part time

Full time



16 weeks


24 months

Delivery Method:            

  • Workplace / Flexible Delivery
  • Classroom

How to Apply:                     

  • By phone:
    • Skillinvest Metro – 1300 135 008
    • Skillinvest Regional – 1300 308 620

Entry Requirements:

  • There are no prerequisites for this qualification

Fees and Charges:

  • Refer to the Fees & Charges link on the Skillinvest website (

Qualification Requirements:

  • To achieve the award of AUR20516 Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology, students must successfully complete a total of 20 units comprising:
    • 13 core units
    • 7 elective units, of which:
      • up to 7 elective units may be chosen from the elective units listed in the Qualification
      • up to 4 elective units may be chosen from a Certificate I qualification or above in the AUR Training Package or another endorsed Training Package or accredited course, provided that the units chosen contribute to the vocational outcome of this qualification and do not duplicate the outcome of another unit chosen for the qualification.
  • For this course, the total nominal hours must be between 275 and 390 nominal hours.

Core Units:

  • AURASA002 - Follow Safe Working Practices in an Automotive Workplace
  • AURTTK002 - Use and Maintain Tools and Equipment in an Automotive Workplace
  • AURTTA004 - Carry out Servicing Operations
  • AURTTB001 - Inspect and Service Braking Systems
  • AURTTD004 - Inspect and Service Suspension Systems
  • AURAEA002 - Follow Environmental and Sustainability Best Practice in an Automotive Workplace
  • AURTTD002 - Inspect and Service Steering Systems
  • AURTTC001 - Inspect and Service Cooling Systems
  • AURTTE004 - Inspect and Service Engines
  • AURTTQ001 - Inspect and Service Final Drive Assemblies
  • AURTTQ003 - Inspect and Service Drive Shafts
  • AURATA001 - Identify Basic Automotive Faults using Troubleshooting Processes
  • AURETR015 - Inspect, Test and Service Batteries

Elective Units:

  • ​AURTTF001 - Inspect and Service Petrol Fuel Systems
  • AURTTX005 - Inspect and Service Clutch Systems
  • AURLTJ003 - Remove, Inspect and Refit Light Vehicle Wheel and Tyre Assemblies
  • AURETR012 - Test and Repair Basic Electric Circuits
  • AURTTZ001 - Inspect and Service Emission Control Systems
  • AURTTF002 - Inspect and Service Diesel Fuel Inspection Systems
  • AURTTX002 - Inspect and Service Manual Transmissions
  • AURTTX003 - Inspect and Service Automatic Transmissions 
  • AURTTA003 - Use and Maintain Basic Measuring Devices
  • AURETR006 - Solder Electrical Wiring and Circuits
  • AURTTJ001 - Balance Wheels and Tyre
  • AURLTJ002 - Remove, Inspect, Repair and Refit Light Vehicle Tyres and Tubes
  • AURLTJ001 - Select Light Vehicle Tyres and Wheels for Specific Applications